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The I Dream of Jeannie Years


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The Years Bill was on I Dream of Jeannie


  • I Dream of Jeannie Lasted from September 18, 1965- May 26, 1970
  • The show had 5 seasons, and 139 episodes.
  • Bill played Captain/Major Roger Healy, Captain/Major Anthony Nelson's best friend and the only other person to know of Jeannie and her powers.
  • The show was created by Sidney Sheldon.
  • Directors:

               Michael Ansara

               Jerry Berstein

               Hal Cooper

               Claudio Guzman

               Gene Nelson

               Alan Rafkin

               Joseph Scanlan

  • Producers:

               Sidney Sheldon

               Claudio Guzman

  • Bill's costars included:

               Barbera Eden- Jeannie

               Larry Hagman- Captain/Major Anthony "Tony" Nelson

               Hayden Rorke- Colonel Dr. Alfred Bellows

               Barton MacLane- General Martin Peterson

               Emmaline Henry- Mrs. Amanda Bellows

               Vinton Hayworth- General Winfield Schaeffer

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