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All About Yours Truly!

  Now that you've seen the site, it's time to read about its creator!! Me!! I am the whole brains behind this operation. So you're probably wondering, "How did she become so facinated with this guy?" Well that is a very easy question to answer.
  Back sometime last year, one of my friends was telling me about this awesome show she had been watching on the Hallmark channel. She went on and on about how wonderful the show was and how glad she was that they had brought it back to television.
  Well I, curious to know what she is so excited about and found so great, tuned into an evening of television on that same channel. What she found so spectacular turned out to be the 60's show "I Dream of Jeannie." The episode I sat down to watch that evening was the episode called "The Solid Gold Jeannie", an episode in which Jeannie is trapped inside with Major Nelson after he has returned from the moon. However, Major Nelson was not alone. Not only was he accompanied by the commander of the missle, but his bumbling friend Major Healy.
  While watching the show, I realized that Major Healy was a hilarious character and was curious to find out who he was, so when the credits played at the end I learned that he was none other than Bill Daily. Thus began my facination and interest with him. I quickly became a fan of his and went on to searching for other shows and movies he had been in. Things snowballed on and on and finally this site came to be.
  But why make a site, you may ask. Well, it was during my search for information on Bill that I came to realize that there wasn't a lot of sites about him, despite his great accomplishments. I decided that I would provide a site for those like myself. So here I am now.

Created by Hannah 2002